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Beach head desert war games

beach head desert war games

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At your disposal to beat back the enemy army are a variety of weapons including an M60 general purpose machine gun, a six-barrel Gatling gun, Anti-Aircraft machine gun, an Anti-Tank cannon, heat seeking missiles, a last ditch.45 hand gun, and even B-58 medium bomber air.The hillsides and slight depression your bunker is diabolik lovers vandead carnival game situated in is pretty much exactly the same as previous titles with only some slight changes in textures to fit the Middle Eastern setting.As you fend off massive amounts of enemies, ammo will become critical.Easy to Learn, with improved graphics full of vivid explosions and dust clouds from rocket blasts as well as a simple and easy-to-use interface, the gameplay draws you in and you can quickly get the hang of things within only a few minutes of play.In each level, you will operate a different type of weapon from heat seeking missles to 50mm guns.Average Rating: ( Ratings).Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers.Visit Cheatinfo for more, cheat Codes, FAQs or Tips!Here comes the enemy and you are hopelessly t they are the ones who should be worried!Beach head desert WAR Features include: o Hard Core Desert War in a New Middle East Desert Scenario o Day and Night Fighting with search lights and flares o night vision o Massive airborne attacks day and night.
Review by Alex, player Reviews.
The levels get repetitive pretty early on and while the few slight variations might help to liven things up, they don't occur often enough.The addition of night levels and some twists in the variety of enemy forces that are thrown at you during a particular wave adds a little bit of variety to the action as well.The intense action can get a bit frantic and it is fun to play, at least through the first couple of levels, and the rare level variations are quite enjoyable to experience.Use weapons as an M60 machine gun, a six-barrel Gatling gun, Anti-Aircraft machine gun, heat seeking missiles, and even B-58 medium bomber air support.Take your seat at the fixed gun emplacement and try to fend off waves of enemy soldiers, armor, and aircraft with limited ammo and only a handful of powerful weapons.