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Chinese girl names pronunciation

chinese girl names pronunciation

Xiaojin Zhu Last Modified April 13, 2005.
Compared to my roommate, I feel my husband and I didn't put enough effort into choosing our son's name.
Some of our previous blog posts have discussed why Mandarin Chinese presents challenges in the process of anglicisation.
Yes, there are 4 or 5 tones depending on how you count them. .It's Shiaojin Drew, not Kz-yo-jin Zoo. .Sway TEE-EHN K-EYE, dAI xuezhong, d, eYE shweh jawng, dAI bingguo, d-EYE beeng gwoh.Besides software and name lists on the internet, some parents even go to fortune tellers for assistance and advice on choosing a name.Let me list them: ch, b, d, f, g( g ame h, j( j ohn k, l, m, n, ng( so ng p, r, s, t, w( w ant y( y oung ). .Do you have a story about how your Chinese name was chosen? .What else should I know?Grandparents, aunts, and uncles are often called upon to give names to kids.
Chuhn shee tawng, cHEN yonglin, chuhn yawng leen, cHEN yunlin, chuhn yoon leen.
Beware zi, ci, si, zhi, chi, shi, ri : the 'i' here is not like.
Zhang Dejiang: jaang duh jee-aang (-j as in Jack, -aa as in father, -ng as in sing).I never did find out the name of my hospital recovery roommate's daughter, but the fact that the grandparents were just as involved in the process as Mom and Dad isn't surprising a lot of Chinese babies are named by a relative.Sure, you can learn pinyin in 5 minutes.Not only does Mandarin Chinese have a number of vowels and consonants that do not exist in English and have no obvious equivalent but it is also a tone language.It's certainly not a name I'd choose for myself, but somewhere in the process of changing visas and buying a house, I needed to start signing my name in Chinese so I became (xià luò tè).Ie, ue, ye : here e sounds like y.Finally a few brave girls came to me and said that the reason they were laughing was because the name used four Chinese characters.Tell us in the comments below!English is not a tone language and English broadcasters are not expected to recognise, much less reproduce, this level of phonetic detail in Chinese, or indeed, in all peaky blinders season 1 episode 3 the world's languages, which is why in the Pronunciation Unit's systematic way of anglicising Chinese syllables,.Read more: What Does Losing Face Mean?