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Schengen visa application guide pdf

schengen visa application guide pdf

Write your email address and as well as your landline and mobile telephone numbers in your country of residence and, where appropriate, in the country where you are submitting your visa application.
Departure Date Write your departure date from the Schengen area.
Civil Status, check the box corresponding to walking dead episodes season 5 your legal marital status.Write the mailing address specifying whether it is your personal mailbox or that of another person or company (in this case, write the name of the mailbox owner).Click on the following image to download the Schengen Visa Application Form.Tip: Learn How to Fill-in the Visa Application Form!Arrival Date Write your expected arrival date in the Schengen area.Residence in Another Country, specify whether you live in a country other than your current nationality, stating, if you answer yes, the number of your residence permit and its expiration date.Relationship Check the appropriate box if you are family member of a European Union, EEA, or Swiss national.Personal Information Regarding a Family Member who is a European Union, EEA, or Swiss National Write the full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and relationship only if you are the dependent spouse, child, father, or mother of a person who is a citizen.If the visa applicant cannot sign, a cross may be used.Write the name you had at your birth if different than the one indicated in section.Minors, write the full name, address, and nationality of the person holding parental authority or legal guardianship.
Surname (Family Name write your name as indicated on your passport (Please do not add the words married name and the name of your husband)!Surname at birth (Former Family Name).Number of Entries Requested Check the box corresponding to your desired number of entries.The Main Purpose for Your Trip.Date and Location Write the place and date where you are filling-in the form, even if this date is different than the day you are going to the visa service.Issued By: Specify the authority that issued the passport and the place of issue.Length of Stay Write the duration corresponding to your desired length of stay.Write the name of the organization (firm, public service, educational institution) where you work and its contact information.If the visa applicant is a minor (under 18 the application must be signed by a person having parental authority and their relationship should be included in parentheses (father, mother, guardian).First Name(s write your first name(s) as indicated on your passport.