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Uncharted 2 strategy guide

uncharted 2 strategy guide

These vanish after a short period but can be viewed at any time from the menu.
The Dark Apostle / Mesmeroth will emerge from Oceanhorn and come after you. .
Note: if you move, the chest will retract, so stand still on the tile and move forward only slightly to open. .
After Shadow Mesmeroth is defeated, the Emblem of Sol appears and your three emblems combine into one. .Its now dusk in Tikarel and a girl is waiting at the entrance to the boat docks. .Continue this patternkilling his tentacles and throwing bombs in his mouthuntil he is dead. .Part 3 Great Forest and the Emblem of Earth At the Great Forest island, follow the path and stairs up to the Forest Shrine/Sacred Grove.When you return to the world map, the hermit contacts you and requests that you visit him.A dozen majini will follow it, so use the other barrels to take several out at a time and you should survive this section easily enough.Bonus: At the next intersection, cross the spiked trap to a chest with five bombs inside.Simmers who find all the Islands in IP will get many treasures, skill, and job experience along the way and unlock many spawner locations to find great collectibles.Exit the cave and push the metal crate forward onto the beach; you can now visit the collector via this direct entrance.
Head northeast towards the indented area with two small robot crabs. .
Return to the hermit at his hut. .
Theres a treasure chest here that weve already opened. .All original material on this site Carl Ratcliff).Tap on an island or random area of the sea and an orange course line will automatically be plotted.Head through the gate and up the stairs to the Upper Wing.You can go about the next part one of two ways: Walk east and then south, up to the bridge, and drop down at a diagonal so you fall onto the ledge. .Youll be in a room full of bats. .Part 5 Gillfolks Drop and Honey from Southwind Isle Sail to Gillfolks Drop, which is directly west of Tikarel.From this screen, you need to select your destination. .(Youll need to move the statue down a space, out of the way.) Drop down onto the metal crate and use the Trencher Boots to roll into the center wooden crate, destroying. .